Monday, January 31, 2011

What a hassle!

Elijah's formula, Neocate One +, is being discontinued so the medical supplier called me a couple of weeks ago to say he needed to change formula. I guess his formula will change to Elecare. It is also another formula for Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis.

So it began.... around and around with the doctor's office and medical supplier trying to get it all worked out.

The medical supplier is saying the doctor's office said Elijah had to come in for a visit before they could give a prescription. And when I call the doctor's office for an appointment, they ask what is wrong with him and I tell them he needs a new formula prescription. They say that doesn't warrant an office visit.
HMMM it's not like I want to come up there in an office full of sick people. And I can't make him sick to justify an office visit.

Ole Doc must be doing pretty good if he can turn away money.

The doctor's office finally told me they sent a prescription to the medical supplier. The medical supplier says the prescription wasn't signed by the doctor.

I've talked all I can talk I'm not sure how to get through to these people.

If I get nothing else done this week, I have to get all this worked out so Elijah's formula will come SOON! Having a starving child is not going to be fun. I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks now, it has to get solved this week!

This really isn’t anything new… a new prescription is needed every 6 months and it’s always a hassle! Someone sitting behind a desk just can’t understand that when you need formula for your tube fed child you have to have it, you don’t have time for them to play around. Because even when they decide to send the prescription it still has to get approved by insurance, then formula has to be ordered by the supplier and then they turn around and ship it to us by UPS. This process doesn’t happen over night.

Please pray someone gets a clue and realizes this is a child’s life they are playing around with and prescriptions get sent and formula is shipped quickly.


Linda said...

Absolutely unbelievable that you have to go through this to get his formula! My prayers are with you!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Those people make me so angry I see red, Kayla. :(