Monday, February 21, 2011

MNO Art Party

Last week I hosted our homeschool group’s mom’s night out and held it in Dakota’s studio and we had an art party.

We had such a good time. Dakota gave us step by step directions to paint a winter cardinal scene.

I love how everyone's painting turned out a little different from the others. All the paintings turned out awesome.

This is my painting.179829_147393558654936_110081792386113_275805_7660323_n


I like how the snow turned out on Jamee’s painting.

180521_147393495321609_110081792386113_275804_643495_n Kristie did not add snow to her painting. I like her branch and her bird looks great too.

181627_147393665321592_110081792386113_275807_4200997_n Everyone looks so serious and hard at work. Trust me there was a lot of laughing and talking going on.

181909_147393761988249_110081792386113_275809_5218496_n Jessica’s bird turned out really cute.

182009_147393278654964_110081792386113_275798_2218400_n 182623_147393885321570_110081792386113_275811_775646_n I like how Konni added more to her branch at the ends.

183846_147393358654956_110081792386113_275800_78283_n 184203_147393911988234_110081792386113_275812_5031683_n Pam’s fat bird turned out cute too.


We had such a good time, it was a fun experience.

Dakota plans to offer ladies art nights and couple art date nights soon.

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