Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Brain!

Elijah and I are going to be learning about the different parts of our body. We will do a unit and project on our body in between other studies.

We will be using this Anatomy book by Jeannie Fulbright.



We started with the brain.DSCF7067 I set up the learning center with brain information.

DSCF7069I bought this styfoam head at Hobby Lobby for Elijah to draw the brain on it and label it.

DSCF7070 DSCF7071  Some information about the brain.DSCF7073 DSCF7074 What boy wouldn’t love eating a marshmallow brain?

DSCF7075 DSCF7077 Elijah did have fun cutting up that brain and eating it. It was too funny!


I’ll post a picture of the head after Elijah has finished drawing the brain on it.


Miller Mom of 3 said...

That gummy brain thing is disgusting! WOW! Blahhh! I really wish he could have been in my Human Body class this year, he would've had fun!!! :) Glad ya'll did this unit.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Love all of it!