Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wasted Trip

Last Monday I had a doctor appointment with the Rheumotologist 2 hours away from home.

Thankfully Dakota wasn't busy so he was able to drive me over. I was so looking forward to this appointment because I knew I was going to be seeing the Nurse Practitioner. I figured she would listen to what I was saying and ask me questions and help figure out what needs to be done.

I had my hopes WAY to high! She was rude and crude just like the doctor. What did I expect, he trained her.

If I hadn't had to pay for a doctor visit, gas in the van, wear n tear on the van and my bald tires, eating out... ummm scratch.... that eating out was the best part of the trip, this could have been a comedy!

She came in the room fussing at me. She said I was supposed to have sent some paper work from another doctor that I see. I told her this doctor said he didn't need it. She was going to set me straight. I just happened to have the letter in my notebook so I pulled it out and showed her. She said "Oh he must have forgot" and changed the subject.

She was no help at all. She was not happy that I had typed out a list of my symptoms. She said "I've never had a patient to give me a typed list of their symptoms." She kept saying stuff like "I don't even know what to do with this. How do you want me to address this?"

Her advice for me was that I need to go to counseling to find out why I hurt so bad! Wait! What? Yes, she really said that. This week while I was in Wal-Mart wondering how I was going to make it to the front of the store (I had made it to the back, sat down on a bench, sent the kids to get different things) and had tears welling up in my eyes from the pain and from embarrassment that I'm in this bad of shape I thought about what she said. I had a few words I'd like to have shared with her at that moment.

She also told me I need to get a sleep study done to find out why I can't sleep. Last night as I laid on the couch crying, moaning and yelling out from the pain every time I moved I almost laughed thinking of what a sleep study person would write down if they were watching me. Ummmm Lady can't sleep because she won't stop crying.

Also everything I asked her about she would say "You need to see your primary doctor for that."
Let me just go ahead and say when I ask the primary doctor he is going to say "You need to see the Reheumotologist for that." Who knew, I could be a doctor? I can say "You need to see ____ for that" every time I'm asked something I don't know.

She did say I have all the markers for Lupus and my ANA is +, but then she said it could be 10 years before you get the diagnosis.

They drew some blood and gave me a return appointment that I will be calling to cancel. I'm not going back over there. I'm sure I can find someone just as rude that won't listen to me right in my town.

For now I don't know what my plan is. I put in a call to my primary doctor's office the other day for prescription refill, but didn't hear back. My primary is actually out having back surgery so I expect to hear from his NP this next week. I'm also going to give the allergist a call and see if he got more of my test results in.

Oh I don't think I posted that the Allergist called me. He called and said they had some of the test in but not all. He wanted to know if I had been tested for Lupus. He said my ANA was + and my sed rate was really high. I'm told that every time I have blood work done. Then he said and when you were in the other day I noticed you have the malar rash on your face.

I really don't care if I don't get a diagnosis for anything, I just want relief so I can feel better!

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