Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love Legos

This past week we have been having Lego school. Yes, Legos are educational!
Here is Elijah's Lego lapbook. He designed the front cover.

Elijah's vocabulary words were manufacture, granule, creative, and ingenuity. For Copy work Elijah copied some quotes from some very famous men in our history.

The yellow piece of card stock is taped on at the top to provide an extension.

We used Legos to make a graph, do some estimation and multiplication.

We learned who invented Legos, where he was from, when the first Lego was invented and what material it was made from. Also learned what Lego means in Danish and Latin.

Here are a few of Elijah's creations this week. I told him to pick his 4 favorite creations from the week.

My friend, Nicole, and her sweet children are working on their Lego lapbook this week. Check out their Lego fun.

This Lego lapbook came from Ami over at Walking by the Way. Thanks for sharing Ami.


A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

LOVE all of his creations!! I know he had a great time with this one!

Linda said...

Looks like fun!!!