Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our homeschool group has a wonderful choir program. Thank you JMB for heading up choir so that our children have this opportunity.

Dakota was in Master Works Choir from 1st grade to 9th grade then at that time the choir fell apart. Master Works Choir was made up of a mixture of homeschoolers, public and private school children. So the next year JMB stepped up and began the choir for our homeschool group. Dakota didn't join in at that time but did the next two years. So during Dakota's schooling years he missed one year of choir.

Elijah joined choir in the second grade. For 3rd grade he only did half a year (his choice) and over the summer he decided he wanted to join choir again. I'll be honest I tried to talk him out of it. Not that I don't think choir is a good thing, it is wonderful, but I am so unsure about my health and want to guard our commitments. He told me choir was something he really really wanted to do. SO.......

Today was the first day of choir for Elijah. He loved it. He did tell me there wasn't enough boys in his group, but he does have a friend in there who joined choir for the first time . He moved up to the next age group. Truth be told that's why he dropped out last year, he thought he was too old to be in with younger kids.

Here are a couple of pictures from a choir concert two years ago. Elijah's hair has grown so much since then!

YES, the bow ties are HUGE and YES all the boys hate the bow ties!

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