Monday, August 16, 2010

A Renewed Hope

I had a very bad weekend that seemed to be getting worse by the minute. I was so glad when 8 AM rolled around this morning and I could call to get an appointment. The girl who answered the phone told me I couldn't come in today and I started crying. She asked me if it was an emergency and I said YES. She said I could come sit and get worked in.
I honestly felt like I needed to be in the hospital not just going in to the office.

When the doctor walked in the room he said "OH My God, What happened to you?" First off my face is very swollen and then Saturday I woke up with this red splotchy raised whelps all over my face and neck. It is like one big whelp but just running every where.

My skin is also flared up really bad. I'm so sick of this. I've dealt with this for so long with out any relief at times I feel like I can't go on any longer.

After being up all night crying in pain and spending the day at the doctor, who wrote on my paper once again contact dermatitis because he just doesn't know, and getting prescriptions filled I finally made it home, got a shower and went to bed. I cried and cried and called out to God for relief. I can not live like this. I feel so sick I feel each day could be my last day on earth.

When I woke up I came to my computer and googled a bunch of different stuff, but basically that I feel sick all over and doctors can't help. I came up with Candida yeast infection.

I'm going drastic! I've got to give it a try. I can not live like this another day. This will be very hard, but I'm going to give it a go. Please pray that I have the strength to keep this up so I can see if it makes a difference in my health.

I have been on high doses of prednisone for well over a year now and my readings tell me that can cause this infection in your body.

With Dakota's help we've came up a small list of foods I can eat. It's the middle of the month and grocery funds have already been spent on foods I can't eat, but I'm going to buy some salad stuff and start from there.

I have an appointment with an allergist Tuesday morning. I hope he has some ideas to help me. Next Monday I have an appointment with my rheumatologist in Shreveport. Actually I'll be seeing his NP and I'm looking forward to that because I know she will sit and listen and ask questions, not like the doctor who I feel like just sticks his head in the door for a few seconds.

I LOVE how God speaks to me and knows things I don't know a head of time. Last week I started to pay something I owe. I reached in my bag and touched the envelope I had the money in. I heard WAIT. I was ready to pay so I really didn't know why I should wait, but I did even though it felt strange. I didn't know I was going to get this sick and have two doctor visits this week. But Jesus did. I was already wondering how I was going to have gas money and doctor plus prescription money for the rheumatologist in Shreveport next week, which happens to fall two days BEFORE payday. Now I've added two doctor visits and the 4 prescriptions from today. I don't know if there will be more prescriptions tomorrow.

Dakota is googling recipes for me right now. I love that kid! When payday rolls around he'll help me buy some foods I can eat.

So far in this horrible journey the only thing that has made me feel even a little bit better is when I'm in the bed so sick I can't get up and Elijah comes in to lay down with me for a few minutes and he prays for me. That is so precious to me. I hate that my child has to worry about me and pray for me like he does, but I love it when he does pray for me.

Even though I have two more doctor appointments coming up I don't have hope for answers from them, I'm going anyway... just in case! But I'm feeling a renewed hope in trying this candida/sugar free food list.
Please, yes, I'm begging you, pray for me to be able to stick to this for at least a couple of weeks to see if I can tell a difference in my health. Thanks friends.

Gosh I have rambled on and on....

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