Friday, August 20, 2010

All Things Multiplication!

We came to a stand still in math until Elijah learns his multiplication facts. He does know how to figure up the answers, but he needs to know the fact better without having to figure up the answer.

I knew I would get bored with plain ole flash cards so I created a fishing game. We have used this little rod and reel with a magnet on the end for so many games over the years.

Elijah fishing for multiplication fish. Elijah catches a fish and reads it and says the answer, if he doesn't know the answer he has to throw the fish back in the pond for another try.

Pedro had to take a roll in the fish pond.

Our multiplication fish.

I found this big ole fly swatter at Dollar Tree. I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but I had to have it.

I knew I'd come up with a game to use the big ole fly swatter for. I printed out some flies and wrote numbers on them. I call out a multiplication fact and Elijah swats the fly with the right answer. The fishing game and fly swatter game are so much more fun than plain ole flash cards.

I went through the school room and gathered up everything multiplication and put them in a drawer so we would have them handy.

I made the white dice out of laminated card stock. I'm able to write the facts that we are reviewing on them and then wipe em clean to change the facts.

I bought this multiplication square at a local teacher store. In the past I have made addition or subtraction balls using a beach ball or a big rubber ball. We throw them to each other and when you catch it you have to say the fact and answer closest to your right thumb. I like the balls much better than this square.

Multiplication lapbook from Homeschool Share.

We are on our way to learning our multiplication facts!


Linda said...

Kayla, you are so creative!!!

Lisa said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Workboxes group. Wow! Lots of great ideas for learning multiplication facts! My friend just gave me that same Magic Math Multiplication board. She picked it up at a yard sale.

I'm now following your wonderful blog! :) Please come visit and follow me too. I have google friend connect right at the top.

Lisa xoxo

medschooll8y said...

I just found your blog from the workboxes group. I don't really homeschool, but I used to and I haven't fully decided that we will NEVER homeschool again, but I am at a place where I just cant at the moment. I do however try to give my children the extra tools at home to help them with their public school work/goals. I like the multiplication lapbook that you referred to in your post. I know that you said that it was on homeschool share, but I am not sure where. Could you post the exact link or send me the file? Thanks so much! Keep up the great work on the blog and great ideas.

Branch Of Wisdom said...

What great and creative ways to learn those multiplication facts! Thanks for sharing :)

Many Blessings, Tamara