Monday, October 4, 2010

My Sweet Man

Jody spent last weekend in the hospital, but he is much better now.

Last Thursday he commented that he didn't feel well and by Friday morning he was in a great deal of pain. Friday when he came home from work several hours early I knew he was in major pain. Jody doesn't miss work for anything. When I die if my funeral is on a work day he'll go to work!

I tried to get him to go see a doctor but he wouldn't even think about it. As night came his pain got worse. I checked his temp and it was 101.1. I knew he had some kind of infection. I was thinking a UTI. I had made up my mind I was taking him to the ER even though he was fighting it.

We made it to the ER and they sent him right in for x rays and a cat scan. The doctor came in minutes later and said he had diverticulitis. They gave him some strong pain meds, started IV antibiotics and fluids.
He spent the weekend laying up in a hospital bed getting better. Thankfully he was able to come home on Monday. He is doing much better.

Elijah snapped a picture of Jody while he was in the hospital.

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