Monday, October 4, 2010

Art Fair post#2

 Elijah's color drawing of a butterfly in oil pastels got first place.

 Charcoal leaf abstract got first place.

 Charcoal landscape got second place.

 Charcoal portrait for first place.

 Charcoal still life got first place.

 Black and white landscape for first place.

 Black and white animal got first place.

 Black and white portrait got first place.

 Black and white abstract for first place.

 Color drawing landscape got third place.

 Color drawing portrait got second place.

 His watercolor portrait got first place. I thought he turned out cute!

 Water color leaf abstract for fifth place.

 Black and white still life for first place.

 His color drawing abstract did not place, but I still think it is a great abstract.

 The water color leaf project got fourth place.

Colored rice mosaic for first place.

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