Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rocking Robots ROCKS!

Elijah and I just finished a fun lapbooking unit called Rocking Robots.
What is Rocking Robots? It is a Download N Go unit by Amanda Bennett and sold at The Old Schoolhouse. These units are awesome and are only $7.95 each!
I’ve been doing lapbooks since way back when Dakota (now 18) was just a little guy. There was no such thing as pre-made lapbooks back then. Download N Go really makes lapbooking easy.

These units are packed full of information and printouts. You don’t have to print everything and you don’t have to do every activity, there is plenty there to choose from. Some things were too young for Elijah, but that would be great for families that have several children different ages. So we just skipped the stuff that was too young, but there was plenty of other stuff there to keep him busy.

I’m not sure how other families use Download N Go units, but I decided to email the unit to Elijah so he could pull it up on his computer. The unit had a ton of videos for him to click on and watch. This was great because I knew the links were safe for him to click on. I had also printed out the lapbook templates for him, so he was able to watch the videos, read the information and fill in answers. You can really make these units independent work if you wish to.
The units also gives you a list of library books. We were not able to get to the library to check out any robot books, but that didn’t matter, the unit itself has plenty of information. I do not feel like we missed out on anything by not having library books.

Elijah decided to get out his Gears and build a robot. He said this robot’s job was to go around picking up trash and putting it in a garbage can.
 DSCF6776 DSCF6777 DSCF6778

Here are a couple of pictures of Elijah working in his lapbook.
DSCF6789 DSCF6788
To end our unit I gave Elijah a little robot kit I had bought for him. He put this together all by himself.
DSCF6784 DSCF6783
DSCF6793 DSCF6791 DSCF6792

We could have spent more than a week on this unit, I like to bunny trail. Since I was given the Rocking Robots unit and asked to give a review on this unit by October 10, I was on a schedule and had to finish up the unit.

I asked Elijah what was his favorite things about the Rocking Robots unit and he said watching all the cool videos, the math code sheet, learning about the Mars Rover and building his own robot.

My favorite things about the Download N Go units are links and videos that Elijah can click on that I know are safe. The units offer more than you need and at a great price. The units can be done together or used as independent work. Also the topics are interesting.
You can read more reviews about the Rocking Robot unit at the Download N Go blog.

We are looking forward to doing a lot more Download N Go units this school year.

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A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

I love, LOVE your idea of e-mailing him the unit to watch the videos himself. I'm thinking I will be trying that myself with our next DNG. Thanks for the idea!