Monday, October 4, 2010

Art Fair post #3

 This pipe cleaner flower got second place.

 Fifth place in Christmas ornaments.

 First place in leather work.

 I love how the punched metal turned out.

 Remember our dinosaur fossils we made a few weeks back. After they dried Elijah painted them. They turned out nice and won third place.

 String art of a butterfly got second place.

 Fall wreath got fourth place. There were a lot of fall wreaths in the fair.

 Elijah's Christmas wreath got first place. It also plugs in and has white lights all over it. Looks neat!

 Elijah's decorative Tee got second place. He slept in this shirt last night.

 Pencil holder got first place.

 Elijah's sculpture of a dinosaur got first place.

 This necklace got third place.

Waste basket got first place.

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