Thursday, April 30, 2009

This bugs me!

I hate how Christian homeschooling women will get on message boards and tell everything about their husband that annoys them. Then other Christian homeschooling women will reply back that they should leave him.

Leave him, get out now is the advice they give just from hearing one side of this story. How many marriages have Christian homeschooling moms had a hand in breaking up!

Let me tell you I could write a whole page about everything Jody does that gets on my nerves, but he could probably write two pages about me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texas - Stockyards

Earlier this month we took a little 3 day trip to Texas.

On Monday we drove over to the Stockyards to have a look around.
Here is Elijah sitting by the Wyatt Earp star. Did you know our boys are named after the Earp brothers? This was not my idea! Jody named Dakota Morgan Dakota. The Morgan is after Morgan Earp. Elijah's name is Elijah Wyatt after Wyatt Earp. I knew to stop right there because the next Earp brother is Virgil!

In the Stockyards they have a cattle run twice a day. We didn't know what time this was held, we just happen to hit it a the right time.

My 3 favorite guys in the Stockyards mall.

Elijah and I ended up back in the van because his legs and feet were hurting. Jody and Dakota walked around and took more pictures.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Don't ya just hate how they always upgrade video games and you have to buy the next one?
We started out with a DS, then had to upgrade to the DS lite and now we moved on to the DSi.

What's so special about the DSi? It has two cameras. Hello you have a camera, but really you can do some cool pics with the DSi. Here is a sampling of Elijah's pictures he has taken with the DSi.

I'm sure Jody will be loving this one!


Swing Dancing

Here are some pictures of Dakota swing dancing last night at the banquet. I hear he danced with some others too. I'm hoping to get more pictures

Jr. / Sr. Banquet

Tonight was our homeschool group Jr. / Sr. Banquet. Yes, Monday night is an odd time to hold this event, but our group has so many activities going on it was the only night of the week that we did not have something on the calendar. We are so blessed with an active group.

The theme was "Hollywood"

Dakota decided not to wear a tie.

Dakota said he had a great time. After dinner they had swing dancing. I've been told that someone will be emailing me pictures of Dakota dancing. I'll post when I get them.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Soccer

Our homeschool group is part of ALCAL sports league. We have soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball teams. Our teams play other teams in the ALCAL league, which is a group of private schools. I'm so glad we have this to offer our homeschool kids.

Elijah played soccer last spring and is playing again this spring. Saturday was our first day of games. Elijah had 3 games. His team won the first game 5-0, the other team didn't show up for the second game and they won the third game 3-0.

Elijah likes to play goalie so he doesn't have to run.

Elijah and one of the Slocum boys. The Slocum boys are twins and I can not tell them apart even after having them in co-op classes for two years. One of them has a freckle close to his right eye. Even if I could see the freckle, I still don't know which one has the freckle.
I just wonder if their mom and dad can tell them apart. I do know this about the Slocum boys...They are GREAT soccer players! I just holler Go Slocum! I figure that takes care of who ever it is.

He's running! Elijah did run the ball some, he just gives out very quickly. I told his coach not to think twice about taking him out of the game to let him rest and someone else play.

It was a fun day, but we all got sunburned! Next week I'll actually use the sunscreen and not leave it in the van.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hannah's Birthday

Today we went to my great niece's birthday party. It was a Dora party.

Hannah had to sample some of her cake.

See those pink beads? They were Dakota's beads when he was little. LOL He was 2 and 3. He loved beads and we bought those in New Orleans. I dug them out of my closet and gave them to Hannah. I knew she would love them.

Jennifer got a big blow up slide and all the kids enjoyed it a lot.

Hannah and her best friend digging in the ice chest.

I think the BIG kids enjoyed the slide as much if not more than the little kids!

Friday, April 17, 2009


If you felt the earth shaking, it was not an earthquake, it was the Miller's jumping up and down with excitement over DSL!

We have had dial up since 1996. I feel we had a fast dial up, we usually connected at around 50.6 vs the 21.2 most people connect at, but it was still dial up! Forget watching a video or uploading a picture without resizing it to down to 20 percent.

I decided to test out DSL, see if I still need to resize EVERY picture I put on my blog. NOPE, all these random pictures loaded just fine and all at one time too.
Too bad I only have a few pictures on my laptop. BEWARE I have a ton of pictures on my desktop that I can upload later! I'll probably do a bunch of back post that I never posted because I didn't have time to resize pictures.

Elijah building a marble run taller then himself.

My brother, Cody Joe and myself!

Cody Joe on his birthday after a morning duck hunt with a duck he killed. The duck is about half frozen since it was so cold. That's why it is holding it's head up like that, it's dead.

Dakota sitting on the bear at the zoo. He did not go to the zoo with his shoes off! After he was up there I took his shoe off and rolled up his pant leg.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Art

Elijah did this little art project today and I thought it turned out cute.

You take a simple coloring page and put it into a page protector.
Trace the image with a black sharpie.
Color the picture on the outside of the page protector with colored sharpie markers.
Take the coloring page out.
Cut tinfoil the same size as your paper.
Crumple the tinfoil, then place it in the page protector.