Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dogs Dogs Dogs

I don't know what happened to me, I had a moment where I lost my mind and couldn't think straight.

Dakota and I headed to town looking for Elijah an Easter surprise. I really hadn't planned on doing anything like that, but he has been sick and needed cheering up.

We stopped and ate some lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and there was a sign

Back when we got rid of Consuela and her puppies I did tell Elijah that we would get him an outside dog when Spring came. So I called and asked about the puppies.
A German Shepard puppy would make a good outside dog.

We have a new puppy. Her name is Cheyenne.

Elijah really was excited. I think in the first picture he was still in shock.
He loves this dog and she seems to like him too. She follows him everywhere.

Elijah has said "Thank you" I don't know how many times. He was really shocked we got him a dog.

Cheyenne is gonna be big!

While I'm posting about dogs, I might as well include our two other spoilt rats.
This is Pedro. He is so spoiled and thinks I'm his mama. He is jealous of the kids and other dogs.
We have had Pedro for 3 years now.
He is a tough dog and was attacked by werewolves... I mean coyotes, this past November.
(The werewolf part was added in especially for Juliann :)
He had big holes on each side of his front shoulders. The vet was able to fix him up and he healed up nicely.

Jose is Pedro's son. He was born this past November. You can just look at him and tell he is spoiled. This is Dakota's dog. I purposely did not have anything to do with this dog so he would bond with Dakota. It worked. He won't even come to me. He loves Dakota and cries for him.

Here are the three dogs walking around in the yard. So far they have all gotten along fine.
Pedro watches me though, if I say anything to the new dog Pedro has to come remind me that I'm his mama.

So now we have three dogs. What was I thinking?
I am glad Elijah has his own dog now. He loves her so much.

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Cynthia said...

Thanks for the werewolf bit! Even though I'm not Juliann, I smiled!!! I love the second picture of Elijah and the new dog! Absolutely beautiful!!!