Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Soccer

Our homeschool group is part of ALCAL sports league. We have soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball teams. Our teams play other teams in the ALCAL league, which is a group of private schools. I'm so glad we have this to offer our homeschool kids.

Elijah played soccer last spring and is playing again this spring. Saturday was our first day of games. Elijah had 3 games. His team won the first game 5-0, the other team didn't show up for the second game and they won the third game 3-0.

Elijah likes to play goalie so he doesn't have to run.

Elijah and one of the Slocum boys. The Slocum boys are twins and I can not tell them apart even after having them in co-op classes for two years. One of them has a freckle close to his right eye. Even if I could see the freckle, I still don't know which one has the freckle.
I just wonder if their mom and dad can tell them apart. I do know this about the Slocum boys...They are GREAT soccer players! I just holler Go Slocum! I figure that takes care of who ever it is.

He's running! Elijah did run the ball some, he just gives out very quickly. I told his coach not to think twice about taking him out of the game to let him rest and someone else play.

It was a fun day, but we all got sunburned! Next week I'll actually use the sunscreen and not leave it in the van.

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Dot said...

It's wonderful to see Elijah playing and smiling!