Friday, April 3, 2009

My Poker Kid!

I don't know where this weirdo kid came from.
Last night Dakota and I were in the school room and Elijah was in the living room watching TV. We could hear Elijah cheering and talking, he kept saying numbers... like "We need an 8!"
Dakota went to see what was going on.

Elijah was watching poker on TV. He does watch it from time to time.
One time going in the hospital as the nurse was helping him get comfortable and set up so she could start his IV she asked him what he wanted to watch on TV and he told her poker. LOL

So last night as I was going to skim through a book before bed so I went in the living room and sat for a few minutes while Elijah was watching poker.
He knows all the poker players names! He was telling me who was the best and usually wins and such information I had no idea he knew. I couldn't even look at my book, I was in such shock!

Elijah does like to play poker, but we haven't played in quiet a while. He wanted to get out the poker chips and I told him no, after all it was 1:30 AM. The next thing he said kept me awake most of the night. He said he just wanted to hold some poker chips while he watched poker on TV. Sounds like he has some serious issues to me. Should we get him started in some type of gambling therapy now?

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Dot said...

Isn't there a 12 step program for that? LOL The young people in our social circle are wanting to play Euchre constantly now!