Friday, April 17, 2009


If you felt the earth shaking, it was not an earthquake, it was the Miller's jumping up and down with excitement over DSL!

We have had dial up since 1996. I feel we had a fast dial up, we usually connected at around 50.6 vs the 21.2 most people connect at, but it was still dial up! Forget watching a video or uploading a picture without resizing it to down to 20 percent.

I decided to test out DSL, see if I still need to resize EVERY picture I put on my blog. NOPE, all these random pictures loaded just fine and all at one time too.
Too bad I only have a few pictures on my laptop. BEWARE I have a ton of pictures on my desktop that I can upload later! I'll probably do a bunch of back post that I never posted because I didn't have time to resize pictures.

Elijah building a marble run taller then himself.

My brother, Cody Joe and myself!

Cody Joe on his birthday after a morning duck hunt with a duck he killed. The duck is about half frozen since it was so cold. That's why it is holding it's head up like that, it's dead.

Dakota sitting on the bear at the zoo. He did not go to the zoo with his shoes off! After he was up there I took his shoe off and rolled up his pant leg.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

I am so excited for you! I am so going to be looking forward to lots more photos!

Dot said...

Kayla, I remember when we first got DSL. The pages loaded about the same, but the pictures and videos loaded lightning fast! Congrats!