Monday, April 13, 2009

Never a dull moment!

Nothing like some excitement to get the ole heart pumping!

Elijah went outside to see his dog and came running back up to the door and said Jose had a snake and he was going to go kill it.

Dakota and I ran to the door. Elijah had a stick beating the snake and the snake was running around and jumping trying to get away. I yelled out to him to get a shovel.

Dakota and I then got to laughing because here we were standing inside the house watching the 9 year old out there killing a snake. I had no idea what kind of snake it was. How wrong is that? And I'm taking pictures! LOL

The snake was still alive when Elijah picked it up and I yelled out to him to put it back down and pick it up with the shovel.

I told him to take it back out there and kill it.

Thankfully it was a harmless snake!
Now we can get ready and take Elijah back to the doctor to get his 3rd shot for this case of strep throat he has.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

LOL....FUNNY! I can't stop giggling.

Sugga Mama said...

No telling what critters my Elijah and your Remy could catch together!