Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texas - Stockyards

Earlier this month we took a little 3 day trip to Texas.

On Monday we drove over to the Stockyards to have a look around.
Here is Elijah sitting by the Wyatt Earp star. Did you know our boys are named after the Earp brothers? This was not my idea! Jody named Dakota Morgan Dakota. The Morgan is after Morgan Earp. Elijah's name is Elijah Wyatt after Wyatt Earp. I knew to stop right there because the next Earp brother is Virgil!

In the Stockyards they have a cattle run twice a day. We didn't know what time this was held, we just happen to hit it a the right time.

My 3 favorite guys in the Stockyards mall.

Elijah and I ended up back in the van because his legs and feet were hurting. Jody and Dakota walked around and took more pictures.

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