Friday, August 14, 2009

Today has been a fog

I'm not even sure where the day has gone. I'm groggy and sleepy.

Let me back up to Thursday night. My plan was for us all to go to bed early! So around 12 AM I started moving us all that way. Yes, 12 AM is an early bedtime for us. We are night owls and our usual bedtime is anywhere from 2 - 4 AM, but it's no surprise if we all of a sudden realize it's 5 AM we need to go to bed. I am most always up by 8 or 9 AM no matter what time I go to bed, but I'll sleep to 10 once in a while. We just don't need much sleep. I've also been known to stay up all night and then carry on with the next day's plans.

So we were getting ready for bed. I get Elijah tucked in and a few minutes later he throws up, so I move him to the futon in the playroom and put some Phenergan cream on his wrist. He felt bad and just wanted to be with me. Jody has to sleep because he has to get up for work. I fixed Elijah and I places to sleep on the couch. He still feels nauseated and miserable all not long. At 5 AM I told him he had to go to sleep because we had to get up at 7 and go to co-op registration.

When we got to co-op he started crying that he was nauseated so he took in the garbage can from the van. He never did throw up and started feeling better after a while. Two boys his age came in so he hooked up DS games with them and they played.

Elijah does not have a virus or I would have never taken him out around people, it's just his stomach and the way he is. We are still having a hard time trying to get his formula intake back up. His body is being stubborn and not tolerating much formula. He is not getting no where close to the amount he was getting before his surgery.

When we left Elijah started telling me how bad he felt all day. He did seem to perk up about half way through the morning. He's really good at putting on a front in front of other people and not complaining. I think he feels bad so much and I try to carry on with life as much as possible he just has to go with the flow.

We left the church later than I had planned so we went straight to my doctor's appointment.
I've been seeing this dermatologist about every 2 weeks since April. My skin is flared up and driving me crazy. I've pretty much been on Predinose over and over all summer since April.
The Predinose helps, but as soon as I finish it I'm a mess again. He has also tried me on many many other meds that have not done anything. Only the Predisone has helped.

I have Firbormyalgia so he thinks it's affecting my skin and my nerve endings are flared up. I have no idea what to think, I just know I can't live like this. It has been horrible and painful. I hurt all over, my skin, my muscles and my joints. It's all I can do to keep from busting out in tears! So he put me on Neurontin 600 mg a day and Xyzal at bedtime, plus I got a shot in the office. I sure hope this helps!!!

We got a bite to eat, went to Target, got my prescriptions and headed home. I had took the first part of my meds as soon as we left Target so when we got home I got my shower and went to bed.

I woke up around 8:30 PM. Elijah was asleep on the futon since his bed didn't have sheets. Around 12 Jody went to bed and Elijah woke up shortly after and was mad because he was asleep when Jody got home and didn't wake up until after he went to bed so he missed seeing his dad. Dakota had went to bed around 12, he was pretty tired. Elijah and I stayed up until 3 AM, we enjoyed being the only ones up and had some snuggle time.

I took the rest of my meds before I went to bed. This morning I woke up at 9 in a groggy fog. I have been so groggy all day long. Plus my vision is all blurred today. I even took a 3 hour nap and missed Elijah's return appointment. There was no way I was getting behind the wheel and putting my kids in the van with me and I didn't feel alert enough for Dakota to drive. I'll just have to reschedule his appointment, it is just to release him from this doctor.

Saying all this to ask for prayer that these new meds will work for me. I'm sure the groggy feeling will pass after I get used to taking them. Also pray that Elijah will be able to start taking in more formula. I think he is back to his reguar self now, good days and bad days. I'd like to see more good days than bad.
Thanks for the prayers.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

It is so hard to feel bad. :(

I am trying some chamomile on a contact rash Elijah has, I think it is the pool chemicals that has him rashed out. I will let you now how it works.

HUGS, I am always in prayer for you guys. I adore you all. :)

Mikki said...

I am new to your blog and found it on the workbox yahoo group. I feel for your health problems. Have you ever read the Hallelujah Diet? I read it for the first time about a month and a half or so ago and it has made a great difference in my life. It has wonderful testimony about people living with fibromyalgia along with many other issues too. It is very educational along with being inspirational.