Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to our workboxes

Now that we are starting back with school it means workbox time again. I really love these workboxes.

This year we are going to start off using them a bit different than we did before and see how it goes.

Since Elijah and I are doing this notebook rotation several boxes will stay the same all week. Some of the fun boxes will change up.

This week are focusing on these notebooks; World History, Copy Work, Creation, Presidents and Stamps. Each day we will also do spelling and math.

I should say that I'm not a fan of spelling for young children. Spelling list are pointless and do not teach spelling. I came across All About Spelling . It's not just a spelling program, it will help with reading issues.

This week in workboxes we have:
1. Math Wizardry
2. All About Spelling
3. Cat in the Hat unit
4. World History
5. pipe cleaner craft
6. Presidents
7. Copy work
8. Creation
9. Stamp collecting
10. Egypt dig
11. Reader Rabbit language computer game
12. Tri-Ominos game


Jenny said...

It's so fun to see what others put in their workboxes. Last week was our first week with them and it's gone well so far. I'll have to look into the All About Spelling.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I am so excited to see the workboxes in use!

We do spelling lists, BUT my children have studied how words are put together and this is what spelling is! Not a memorized list! It drives me nuts to hear my friends gripe that the lists are too hard for their children and then they forget the words after the test! URGH! We use our lists to go over the concept of what puts that word together. It shouldn't be hard and it should be memorization. :)