Monday, August 17, 2009

The Miller Family Banner

I thought I'd share our family banner with you.

Many years ago when Dakota was about 6 we were in a Konos co-op. As a group we studied the medieval years and then had a big feast where we invited grandparents to attend..

One of our projects was to make a family banner. Jody, Dakota and I talked about it and decided we should have a big M on our banner. Jody also wanted fleur de lis on it.

So Jody and Dakota made the banner. I do have a sweet picture of them working so hard on the banner, but it's a print and not digital.

Dakota and I decided we would each buy a charm to represent us and sew it on the banner.

Over the years we have bought new charms and added to the banner. You'll see a stork charm one of the pictures above. It was added when we were expecting Elijah.

Here is a little charm that says family and 4 figures to represent us.

A cross to remind us to keep Christ in our family.

That little elephant was Dakota's first charm on the banner. Dakota has collected elephants since he was two year old.

Our family banner hangs in our playroom. I was just looking at it tonight as I sat on my bed matching up socks and thought I'd share it on my blog and encourage you to make memories with your kids. They grow up so fast.