Saturday, April 5, 2008

Update on Pump

Sorry I didn't update on Thursday or Friday.

Thursday morning a guy called from the DME and said the pump and bags were in. I told him I'd come pick them up.

When I got there I learned they only ordered 5 bag sets for the pump. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The bag sets are good for 24 hours, then you throw the bag away to prevent bacteria growth. I kept thinking we are good for 5 days.

I did have the guy to call and check that more bags were coming. He said they were, but didn't know when they would be in. I'll feel a lot better when I have a case of bags sitting in my house.

I'd like to ask everyone to please pray for this DME company. They are nation wide so I know they service a lot of people who need supplies from them. I know all the patients need their supplies to be delivered on time, before they run out, just as we do. I pray this company can have the employees that they need and be able to handle their orders so that none of their patients suffer.

The Infinity pump is so small. It is 5.65" x 4.05". This would fit nicely into a fanny pack.
Oh we did get a small backpack for the pump. The backpacks get so hot on Elijah's back, especially in the summer and this backpack is black so it would really be hot. Elijah wants a fanny pack. I called Zevex and talked to them and even got a discount, but they still want $50 for a fanny pack. Today we are going to Academy Sports to see if we can find a fanny pack at a better price. I pray we find one for him. I found some online, but I'm unsure about them. They look an odd shape, smaller at the bottom, so I'm not sure the pump and bag set would fit. I'd like to find one that shape in a store to look at and if it would work, I could order different colors online.

You know if it's not one thing going on it's another. Now it seems Elijah has a bit of infection around his feeding button. It smells bad. It has never smelled this way before and that's how I found the infection. We have been really lucky with his stoma all these years. In 6 years I can only think of one other time he has had an infection. I'm also thinking his button is to small and he needs a longer button. The small button has rubbed raw places on his belly under the button so I'm sure it's doing the same thing on the inside of his stomach. Two years ago he was having a lot of pain around his button so we took him to his GI doctor in Cincinnati Ohio. He said his button was to small and rubbed the inside lining of his stomach raw. Once his button was changed to a bigger size it was fine, so I feel that is what needs to be done now.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Please continue to pray:
*Bag sets arrive soon.
*Supplies will come monthly without hassle.
*We find a fanny pack at a good price.
*This DME company can supply all their patients needs on time without fail.
* We get a bigger size button soon and the infection heals up quickly.

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