Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Planning a wedding!

I've got one week to get a wedding planned!

We're having a wedding at co-op.

The letters Q and U will get married during 5th hour on April 17.

At the Monroe co-op I teach a sight word class and all semester we have been working on letter sounds and blends along with just learning sight words. I saw this wedding idea on the www and I really want to pull this off for the last day of co-op.

I have a pianist lined up to come play the wedding march for us and I may even ask Pastor Charles if he will preform the ceremony. I've been working on the vows today.

We have 4 students in this class so we will have a Best Man, Maid of Honor, Ring Barrier and a Flower Girl.

The wedding will be followed by a reception and we will serve rice cakes with icing (Elijah safe) and drinks.

The wedding will be yellow and white. Tonight I got plates, streamers and balloons.
I also got some yellow flowers for the flower girl and some yellow tooling to make head pieces for the girls. Oh I got a ring pillow too.
Can you tell how excited I am?

You are welcome to post any ideas for our wedding.

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