Saturday, June 7, 2008


It has been a busy wild end of the year. From April on we have been super busy.
I kept telling myself we would slow down when June hit.

I have not had time to blog. I've wanted to so bad, and when I have had a few minutes it wasn't enough time to resize pictures to upload. We have dial up so pictures have to be resized or it would take forever to upload anything.

Dakota and I even stopped at the library one day (they have wireless) to upload all the pictures on our SD cards to our Photobucket accounts and we found out their internet is no faster then ours. So we left.

Now that June has hit we have slowed down. I wanted to slow down, but I wanted it to be my choice, but now I've came to a stand still or should I say a sit still. I can barely even move around my house.

With gas prices being so high we decided we wouldn't try to go anywhere this summer, we decided to buy the kids a pool and stay home.
This picture is not our pool, but one like we bought. Ours is 18' x 4'.

So we put the pool up and on the first day we got in I jumped in and twisted my knee.
When I hit the bottom I did the splits and felt my knee instantly. I have been in so much pain!
Yes, you can see right there on the pool it does say No Jumping or Diving!
I tell everyone I'm a teacher and I teach by example so I was just showing my kids what not to do.
I'm hobbling around the house with a cane. Thank goodness for drugs!
It's drving me crazy not to be able to do whatever I want.

I want to back up to April with my blogging and blog about all the wonderful things that have kept us so busy.
I'm back and with pictures!

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