Monday, September 13, 2010

Table Time Learning Center

We have something we do in the mornings that we call Table Time, even though we don't always do it at the table, sometimes it is from the couch or could even be while lying in bed.

Basically it is where we go over skills, such as months of the year, days of the week and how to spell those and some flash cards and some quiz question from different subjects, Bible verse, states, presidents and other quick things like that.

Today we are using our new learning center as our Table Time Center.

That probably looks like a lot of stuff, but really it doesn't take long to go through it. It's hands on and  kind of fun and it's information Elijah needs to learn. Learning this way is quick and easy and the information really does stick by doing just a little each day.

On this side we have some multiplication flash cards, continents, days of the week, two math word problem cards each having 3 problems, presidents, months of the year, states and Bible verse that I stuck in the bottom pocket after the picture was taken.

In the middle we have 6 spelling cards, 4 vocabulary cards, 4 space cards, 4 geography cards, 3 science quiz cards, 3 history quiz cards (each with 3 questions on each card), 4 landmarks of the world cards. A globe showing the 7 continents and a map showing the 50 states.

I also have a magnifying glass with Velcro stuck to the board that can be used when the board is a science center.

On this side of the center we have a container clipped to the top to put cards in as we finish with them, a chart showing numbers and how to spell them, a dry erase board, a reminder card about telling time. a hundreds board, a card showing math symbols and telling what they mean, a money chart and a multiplication chart.
There is also a calculator clipped to the side of the board.

On the table we have a small stack of flash cards that we go through each day and a pointer stick for Elijah to use as he is telling me about stuff in the learning center. He already knows the answer to these flash cards, but I keep going through them anyway. It only takes a few minutes to go through that stack of cards.

So that is how we used our Learning Center today. I have a small box I keep our Table Time stuff in so it is kept all together and easy to change up or add new items.

Pretty much what we are doing for school these days is Table Time, Teaching Textbooks math on the computer, and then work on our unit study or lapbook.

I have a lot of ideas for using the center so check back to see how we change it up.

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Erin Smith said...

Kayla, I really like this idea of a "learning center". Where do you get all your cards to put on it though? I can see making some of them, but not others.

And with spelling... do you use a curriculum? If not, how do you choose what words he needs to learn to spell?

I have ssssoooooo many questions!