Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today Elijah and I went over fractions. He has done some fraction work in a workbook before, but I wanted to do some hands on fraction learning.

So I had him to draw 4 pizzas, which is kind of funny since he has never had pizza. He really didn't know what went on a pizza so we talked about that and decided to make 4 different pizzas, peperoni, mushroom, bell pepper and olives.

Elijah cut the pizzas out.

Then I told him he needed a whole pizza, one pizza cut in half, one pizza cut in thirds and the last pizza cut in fourths.
Then I wrote fractions on the white board and had him to show me using the pizza pieces that he made.

We learned that the denominator of a fraction tells how many equal sized pieces something is divided into. And that the numerator of a fraction tells how many pieces of the denominator there are.

Tomorrow we are going to use our pizza pieces and compare fractions to decide what is larger and what is equal. We may even add some fractions.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Great fraction work! I had to giggle at his pizza woes. He was like WHAT? God bless him! Maybe I would be thinner if I didn't know what came on a pizza.