Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to School

We started back to school today. It wasn't a pretty day! I really try to find fun stuff and keep things hands on as much as possible so I really don't understand Elijah trying to find ways to get out of school.

Today, first I had him do a quick workbook page that took him about 4 minutes. As soon as he finished he asked if he could take a break. WHAT? 4 minutes of school and you need a break?
That did not set well with me. All morning he worked harder at trying to get out of school than he did at any of his work.

I had found a short (like 3 minute) video online about snow that I wanted him to watch. I start the video. He starts to watch, but then starts talking and asking me can he turn a game on at his computer, but he won't play it yet. That did not set well with me at all! I blew up, we both cried.
I don't know what his problem was, but I bet it doesn't show up tomorrow.

We did continue with school and it did turn out alright, I just hate we had the blow up.

BEFORE the big blow up Elijah made a pyramid out of sugar cubes. I had wanted him to do this when we finished our Egypt unit, but it was really hard to find a box of sugar cubes around town.

The finished pyramid.
We also worked with money today and started a new creative writing book.


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Mama Teaching 2 said...

I can't stand the days with a blow-up. My Elijah does the same thing. It drives me crazy.