Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, It's Cold!

It is 19 degrees right now and believe me, we are not used to this kind of cold.

Our old house does not have any heat other than a couple of plug in electric heaters that we bought from Wal-Mart and with temps like this these heaters aren't doing anything.

This week the kids and I have been closing off the school room and the kitchen and only trying to heat those two rooms. We use the two electric heaters and turn the oven on and open the door. After several hours we can get it warm enough. But when Jody comes home he opens up the living room and dinning room and all our efforts seem useless. We can get two rooms fairly warm, but it's not enough to warm up 4 rooms.

We do keep the playroom and bedrooms closed off. It's really cold back there, but we don't go to that part of the house unless we are getting in the bed or really really need something. Dakota went back there a few minutes ago and the clock said it was 38 degrees back there.

Anyway I'm not complaining, okay, I'd really like for it to warm up, but I do enjoy the kids and I locked in the two rooms spending the day together talking, laughing and picking on each other. I get warm fuzzy feelings just from the closeness that I feel with my kids. I LOVE spending time with my kids and I feel like my days are numbered with this being Dakota's last year of homeschooling. So for now I like us being stuck in the same room together.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Wahhhhhh, Dakota can't do this! He has to stay your baby forever!

It has been brrrrr....