Monday, July 6, 2009

Living Math

I'm trying to use more living math in our school day. I think Elijah is good at math, he just dreads workbook pages.

I've been looking a Math on the Level and I'm still trying to convince myself it's worth the $$$.

Today for math we played a game with egg cartons and little glass stones. I really don't know what you call these little red, white, blue and green pieces. I picked up a bag of them at Dollar Tree to use for game pieces because we are always making up games.

We reviewed the 9's addition facts. After reading more of Charlotte Mason and about living math, I wanted to go back and re-enforce what Elijah already knows with hands on living math.

I told Elijah that 9 wants to be a 10 so bad that he always sneaks one over. If you have 9+9, 9 will sneak one over and make himself a 10 so you end up with 10+8. We went through all the 9 facts showing how this works.

Next we played a ring toss game. I called out the 9 math facts and if Elijah could tell me the answer right away without thinking he won a ring to toss. He spit the answers out as soon as I got the last number out of my mouth.
I got these rings in the dollar bins at Target. Oh and our sea salt grinder came from Sam's. LOL I planned to get a 1 liter coke bottle and fill it up with water when it's empty to use for this game, I just haven't bought the coke yet.

I'd say we had a good day of math. Matter of fact Elijah didn't want to stop.

Tomorrow I will give him a page of 9 facts as a review.

Do you have any math games you'd like to share? Please tell us about math games your family plays.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

I am so glad you posted this! I will try to fit it in for Remy soon. He is starting to show some aggravation now that he has to actually try to do math. He likes games alot.

mydogsrule said...

Nice job, Sug! Way to use all of the senses! We did something physically active to help my niece with her skip counting and it really helped. It's amazing how much they can learn BETTER withOUT a workbook.

Btw, thanks for sharing the link to How to Amuse Them Today. Good stuff!