Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a workbook week!

Everyone knows I'm a unit study/lapbook/notebook kind of teacher, but this week is a workbook week. I have been feeling bad and not doing much of anything with Elijah as far as school goes. I just feel too bad to even make an attempt. He has been doing his TT 4 math that is on the computer. Over the weekend I prayed about what to do and the ole Spectrum workbooks came to mind so I looked through them and made him out some lesson plans for the week. I'm glad to have these workbooks to fall back on, but I don't care for that being our school for very long at a time. I much perfer real learning.

Today wasn't so bad,  Elijah did Math on the computer this morning before it was time for us to head out to the Spelling Bee where Dakota was asked to come be a judge. Elijah took his Word Study book in the van and did two pages on the way to meet friends for lunch. I almost hinted for him to go ahead and do two more pages so he would have Thursday's work already done, but I decided not to push.

We enjoyed watching the Spelling Bee. The kids did an amazing job. I can't even pronounce some of the words they spelled. I was really proud of each and every one of the spellers.

When we got home I told Elijah he needed to finish his work for today, but I wanted to go paint so he took his books out to the art studio and did the rest of his school while I painted, but yet was there to answer questions and help him along.

After he finished his school work he started on a painting that he is really excited about. Then we came in and both took a really long nap.

I hope the rest of our school week goes as well as today.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Yes, I think maybe we should move our school to yours and I will be a student all over again myself. :) Remy still says your the best teacher he ever had.