Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I can't believe Elijah has turned 10! The years have flown by so quickly.

Each year on birthdays my guys want money so they can have a shopping day. Elijah always has Toys R Us on his list of places to go. I figured we would be there all day long, but Elijah wasn't feeling so great and didn't feel like walking around too much. He picked out a few things and was ready to go home. He didn't even spend all his money.

I think he made some good choices. He bought some Legos, robot bugs, a remote race car and a few more small things he wanted.

This year Elijah requested a birthday cake. He said he didn't care if it made him sick, he wanted a cake. So I went by our local health food store and found him stuff to make a wheat free, dairy free, gluten free cake. I found the cup cake mold at Wal-Mart and new that would make his day special.

This was Elijah's second birthday cake. He was so proud of that cake.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Bless his heart! But man that cake looked good!