Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hospitals are not fun!

What's up with a hospital not having wireless? I couldn't believe they didn't have wireless.

I've been sick for a while and it has just been getting worse and not better. I'll back up and tell the whole story.

Back in February - April of 08 Elijah was sick and in the hospital twice during that time. One morning I woke up with a raw red itchy place on my arm. It was SO itchy and it burned with pain.
I went to the dermatologist and he said it was contact dermatitis and gave me some cream. It didn't really get better, but it was tolerable. Before I knew it I had it on the other arm and on my leg. I went back to the dermatologist and and he gave me a new cream to put in it.

By early 09 I had this on both arms and legs and on my sides. I was miserable and itchy. I went to the dermatologist in February and March. At the end of March it was really bad. I told the dermatologist how miserable I was. He put me on Prednisone and it really helped. Things calmed down and I felt much better. Once I finished the Prednisone it all came back and even worse.

Over the summer I went to the dermatologist ever two weeks. I stayed on Prednisone and each time I'd finish a round the rash would get worse. I even visited a different doctor and didn't get any answers. I was miserable and couldn't function to do things I needed to do everyday.

I've been on every med there is for itching and non have helped. Most seem to make it worse. I had an allergic reaction to Neurontin and that was really bad. The dermatologist kept saying it was an allergy in my skin and there was nothing that could be done about it. I just couldn't accept that. Something had to be done because I couldn't live like this.

A friend's husband works at a hospital so she asked him to talk to a doctor and see if he would see me. The doctor agreed to see me and once he did he thought I had a staph infection. He told me I needed to be in the hospital and plan to be there for two weeks.

Once I was at the hospital they did all kinds of blood work and even took 3 skin biopsies. They determined I did not have staph, I have asthma skin. There is no cure for asthma skin.
So now I'm home, itchy and miserable. I did get a new ointment from this doctor, but it has not helped yet.

Please pray I get some relief. I can not live like this.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh hope you feel better soon! i had to take pred for an asthma attack i had like 6 months ago. it made me all puffy - especially my legs. i got off of it as soon as i could.
feel better vibes coming your way!
thanks for all the wonderful things you have taught me already. my 9 year old is having a blast making his first lapbook.
take care,
cerridwen akari

mydogsrule said...

I've been severely out of the blog loop lately so please forgive my previous FB message ignorance.

As I was reading up on asthma skin, the subject of allergies kept coming up. I want to encourage you to keep in mind that curing and treating are two totally different things. A thing doesn't necessarily need a cure in order to be treated effectively. I'm a little disappointed in the doctor for telling you the problem has no cure. That misses the point. You don't necessarily need a cure to feel better. My and my son's allergies, for example, are "incurable" but are effectively "treated" by avoiding the sources of the allergens. If the symptoms you're having are being triggered by something specific that can be avoided, I pray that God will give you and Jody the wisdom and discernment that you need to figure out what that is. Have you ever had allergy testing?

Gentle, cortisone coated hugs,