Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yep, H1N1 got Elijah. He was very sick for about 5 days then the next day he felt so much better.
He can't take meds so we just suffered through it.

He started out with a headache that he cried all night long with. He had fever, chills and was shaking. Then his nose started pouring and he started coughing and then the throwing up came.
It was a rough few days.

We stayed home all week and gave him the weekend to recover, but on Monday we jumped back into life and took some field trips, then Tuesday we had some running around town to do. Last night he felt bad when he went to bed and today it is nearly 1 PM and he is still asleep. He gets run down so easily, he needs his down time.

We had planned to make it to co-op this week, but last night I got the van stuck in the mud when I got home. I guess Elijah needed the day off anyway.

H1N1 seems to be making it's way around in our homeschool group, as I'm sure it is everywhere.