Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's in Monday's workboxes?

It's back to school time for us. Most homeschool families are trying to come to a stopping point and thinking about when they will start back for the new school year. Since we are the odd balls, we've taken off while we were so busy with important life stuff and now we are ready to get back to work. We will school through the summer, as long as we are home and it's too hot to do anything else, then take off in the fall.
I think we are down to one activity and that's yearbook meetings for Dakota. :)

Anyone who worries about homeschoolers getting enough socialization should come hang out with us. We are on socialization overload!!! I'm seriously thinking we need to go on a socialization fast!

So my plan is to stay home and do some school work. Tomorrow we will try to get back into the swing of school. I'm starting Elijah out with only 4 workboxes. One reason is to slowly work our way back into the routine and the other reason is I hope to get him in for a doctor's appointment tomorrow. (so much for staying home!)

So what's in Monday's workboxes?
1. math workbook
2. Easter pages for his Bible notebook that we haven't got around to finishing.
3. Tri-Ominos game
4. writing workbook

Dakota's work drawers.
1. geometry (I think he has 3 or 4 more lessons to go)
2. work on pictures for 1 hour
3. start Life Of Fred book
4. watch Format Writing video


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Sounds good...we have had lots of time off, too.

Anonymous said...

I totally could have written this! We did lots of school work last week. Camp is this week, so we will hit the books hard again next week, and hopefully stay that way through August! Has Dakota done life of fred b/f? Which one is he doing? That is one of those books that I am really hoping to like...
See ya Monday-