Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm here.

I'm here, I've been sick for a couple of weeks now and haven't felt like posting. Elijah has been taking his turn at not feeling well too. Now Jody has decided to join in on this sinus fun.

A few weeks back we had a huge rummage sale at a friend's house. I took 11 loads of stuff over and we had the sale for two days. I still can't believe how much money I made.
$1,285!!! I kid you not!

We had tons of stuff. I never did get all my stuff set out. When the sale was over I still had stuff in bags and boxes that no one even looked at.

I sold a wooden train table and train stuff for $60, Betty Luken's bible felt for $50, a TV for $10, puppets for $15, duplos for $30, a toy Home Depot work bench with all the plastic tools for $25 and a Sega game system for $30. That's all the big items I can think of. Most everything was .25 cents to $2.

I had a lot of fun making deals with people. We were giving stuff away left and right too.

I had 9 huge boxes of junk toys, this man was digging through them. I told him he could have all 9 boxes for $10. He said "why would you do that?" I said "so I don't have to take it home."
He gave me $10 and went to make room in his truck. We loaded all 9 boxes up with STUFF and they were over flowing by the time he was ready to load them.
A van load from a group home of adults came and it was so much fun loading them up with stuffed animals. They each had $3 to spend so we would see what they liked and gather it up and say $3 for the bag. They were so tickled!
This one lady was pulling baby bottles out of this big toys r us bag, she had about 10 bottles picked out. I told her it was $2 for the whole bag. She asked how much they were each. I told her $1 each or $2 for the bag. She took the whole bag.

I had this big bag of syringes and this man wanted 4 of them. I told him the whole bag was free, but he insisted he only wanted 4 so I told him ... you either take the whole bag for free or they are $1 each. He took the whole bag.
This one man came up on a electric wheel chair scooter thing. He said he liked music so Dakota found every cassette and cd we had and put in his box tied to the back of his chair. We also gave him a pair of crutches.

I'd tell people $5 for everything on that table. They would take it and then I'd fill the table up again. It was a fun two days, but rummage sales are a lot of hard work!

Once we got home from that we had to get ready for the CHA used book sale. I made $387 off that.

We had planned to take a family vacation with the money, but Dakota had worked so hard I wanted to bless him, so I bought him a new camera that he is very pleased with.

I've pretty much been sick since the book sale.

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Kayla, you guys are experts! Wow! I am super impressed.