Sunday, August 10, 2008

Very Busy!

We are very busy these days!

I don't know if I have mentioned that our family is very involved in co-op. I know I've mentioned that we love it, but actually our family, I mean Dakota, built the co-op website.
We keep it updated and take care of registration that started August 1 and will end August 15.
It is a big job, but Dakota and I both enjoy doing computer work so it's not so bad.

Each of our co-op locations have Advisory Council members where we divide up the co-op work that has to be done to make our co-ops run so smooth. Thank goodness we all have different talents. I enjoy the computer work and I would not enjoy some of the other jobs. We all make a good team working together for good of co-op.

Over the next few weeks, I may not have time to breathe at all.

The week after registration closes I have 3 Advisory Council meetings in one week.
Then we have a CHA (our homeschool group) Mini Conference, that isn't feeling so mini to me.
It looks like we will have a lot of offer.

I will be doing a lapbooking/notebooking workshop twice that day, a homeschooling with special needs session and a workshop about using games in your homeschool. Some where between now and the 23rd I need to plan those 3 sessions/workshops.

The next week we have two co-op orientation nights and back to school bowling.

Then the very next week co-op starts! The WM co-op starts on the 3rd and the M location starts on the 4th. We are so pumped! Oh somewhere between now and the 3rd I need to plan out the 9 classes I will be teaching in co-op and make copies of pages for students. Jody has his 3 classes planned and ready to go and he enjoys rubbing that in. Dakota has most of his computer class that he is teaching planned also.

I also have to keep up with daily house work, laundry, shopping for groceries, cooking and pay bills. Sometimes I do feel like I am drowning, but then I take a step back and see what needs to be done first and get after it.

What was I thinking we'd start some school before co-op started? When?
Do you think life will slow down after co-op starts? We will have two days of co-op and Elijah will have two days of college. One of those college days will fall on a co-op day.

Sometimes people ask me why we do so much or they just tell me that we shouldn't do so much.
I know they are thinking of Elijah and they mean well, but I'm not one to say we can't do something because of him. I don't want him to grow up thinking he can't do stuff or be active. We do and go as long as he is able. Now at times he does get sick and we have to slow down or even come to a halt for a bit, but we pick back up when things are better. I don't want to raise him to think he can't, I want him to know he can as long as he is able.

Elijah does have good days and bad days and during those days he has good moments and sick moments. Many days he needs to lay on the couch for a little while in the mornings and he'll have times like that throughout the day also. If we are on the go we have pillows in the van and towels, wipes and a trash can that is used often. We also keep extra clothes in the van. That's just life for Elijah, we've had to learn to make the best of it. Elijah will sling his backpack of formula and feeding pump over his shoulder and head out to have fun just like any other child his age.

If you think about it, pray for us over the next 3 weeks as we have meetings and plan workshops and classes. We would really appreciate that.

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mydogsrule said...

Your schedule makes me tired, but I'm really glad that Elijah is able to keep active and enjoy his life. He has had such a tough time! Your family is doing a great job giving him rich experiences. :)