Saturday, August 2, 2008

Science Day

Elijah enjoys having what he calls a "science day." He is always asking for a science day.
Sometimes his timing doesn't fit with what we have going on, but I try to let him explore and experiment when ever I can.

The only rule is, Elijah is to clean it up when he is done! He's been good about that, because he knows me and I wouldn't allow him to have science days if he didn't clean up after himself.

Here are some pictures from a science day he had in May before the hair cut and new glasses.

Dakota and I were lost in Lost so I was glad to set Elijah up so he could have a few hours of experimenting. It's all about his education you know, it had nothing to do with the 3rd season of Lost. I must have snapped pictures on a potty break.

Here he has samples of plants from outside he checked out under the microscope.

I gave Elijah all sorts of things to mix and explore with, baking soda, sugar, flour, salt, coffee grounds, vinegar, water, ginger ale, coke and food coloring.

Playing "Scientist" keeps Elijah busy for hours!

Today Elijah asked if he could have a science day, he wanted to play with these little coke bottles that look like science bottles. He got out the food coloring to make colored water and mixed making new colors.

I have to say I did not realize what shirt Elijah had on until I uploaded these pictures. Too funny! This shirt used to be real big on him and he wore it as a night shirt. Now he plays in it around the house. I promise he does not wear this shirt away from the house.

He said he was making poison potions.

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