Monday, December 6, 2010

Redneck Christmas Parade

Saturday morning the kids and I went to the Redneck Christmas Parade in Bawcomville. You might remember the video I posted a week or so ago.


Dakota took a ton of pictures and I tried to go through and pick a few, but that few turned into way too many. You can click on the full album and see the ones I picked. There was way more photos, but I didn’t figure you all would want to see every four wheeler or lawnmower that went by.

Most floats threw candy, some threw stuffed animals or beads, one float threw rocks.  I loved it!



Here are a few pictures.

This one had a sign that read: Bawcomville Yacht Club


Some used the excuse of the parade to let their freak flag fly.


I liked this float, well it was a wrecker truck with this car on the bed of the truck. Reminds me of an old Christmas movie where the family goes out and cuts down a tree and bringing it home to decorate.

Copy (2) of DSC00305

Don’t be fooled to think these guys just did this for the parade. This is the norm in Bawcomville!

Copy (2) of DSC00407

Yes, there was a power wheel vehicle in the parade. I wonder if she made the whole block before the battery ran down?

Copy (2) of DSC00624 Copy of DSC00102

This float had a big sign that read “Santa’s dropping a load” Then on the back was Santa peaking out of the outhouse. He has toilet paper in his hand.

Copy of DSC00118

What a fun morning!

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