Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

Today was Jody's birthday! 41 He is gettin old!

He slept most of today since he worked graveyard last night. When he got up we told him to pick any restaurant. He picked Lone Star Steakhouse. After we ate Dakota and I ran in Wal-Mart and got him a cheese cake. Yummy!

Not too much excitement, he is 41 after all, gotta go easy on that heart!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Table Time

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Table Time and said I would make a post about it soon and now here it is.

I believe TT is the most important part of our homeschool day. If we don't do anything else I want to have TT. I have Dakota to join us just because this will be my last year to homeschool him. It's a fun time anyway and we usually end up laughing at some silly something and having a good time.

Basically TT is where we meet at the dinning table and work on skills and do a few things together before we head off to do our school work. I tried to snap a few pictures from two different days to show what we do at TT.

This is Elijah giving me a strange look for snapping a picture. You can see the days of the week cards laid out and he is looking at his calendar notebook. We go over the days of the week and months of year. We are working on learning to spell them. Plus I like to play little mind games such as If this is September what was two months ago? I always ask Elijah questions first and if he doesn't know then Dakota can answer.

This is Elijah's calendar notebook.

Here Elijah is filling in the dates for August.

I have a page in his calendar notebook for him to fill in each day that we do school. We have never done this before so I think we should plan for a party or some special trip when we hit 100! I haven't told Elijah that yet. Maybe I'll tell him tomorrow.

Because of sickness we just completed day 4 today!

This is a picture of some history trivia cards that we go over during TT. We are doing history for this week and maybe next. Okay... when I get tired of these cards I will swap them out for some science trivia or something else. These cards have really great questions. Elijah has first chance to answer and if he doesn't know the answer Dakota can take a shot at it. Dakota and I are both shocked at some of the answers Elijah does knows.

These are some Abeka flash cards. I went through them and picked out a handful that we go over each day. Elijah has learned the answer to almost all of them in just a few days. Next week I'll change out to a different set, but I will pull this set back out later on to see if he still remembers the answers. I will say that Dakota has learned that 1 mile = 5,280 feet and 1 mile = 1,760 yards.
That's good information to know!!!

This is our Bible verse card. You can see an example of this on the left side bar of my blog. These are really neat. You flip and fold the card as you read the verse. Once both boys know the verse I'll pull out a new verse card. Dakota already knows the verse and Elijah just about has it.

Here is Elijah filling in some more dates for August.

We finally got to September.

I really enjoy us having TT. It is a fast fun time and it's amazing what kids can learn in just a few minutes a day. Next week I'm going to add in some math flash cards.